Introducing… My New Blog Name

Goodbye Eat Travel Cook,

Hello Tasteful Traveler !

A few weeks back I announced that I wanted to rebrand my blog with a new blog name. I indicated what my intentions were originally when I began this online journey. I wanted to be considered modern, contemporary, “with it.”  I explained how I thought I was capitalizing on the three things I like to do, à la Elizabeth Gilbert. I also thought a play on the abbreviation ETC might be fun. Therefore I thought it was the right thing to do when I started out.

Fast forward to today: 3-word blog names beginning with the word “Eat” are a dime a dozen. Even though the name was original at the time, I hate now that there are so many versions of eat – drink – travel – love — play –pray – sleep – save – cook – bake – lather – rinse – repeat. You get the idea. And, after looking tirelessly for a graphic designer who would have a good idea to use the ETC in some clever way, I came up empty-handed. Zero. I just couldn’t find someone that understood what I was trying to get across. I was presented with too many generic graphics of forks, plates that look like a globe, and the worst [cringe] puffy chef hats (we call them toques by the way). Nobody seemed to understand my new blog name.

Until now, I haven’t had my heart and soul into this blog, because the name doesn’t show the real me. Either you must meet me in person, or try to read between the lines. Until now….

The Real Me all Along, Just Rebranding with a New Blog Name to Make it Clearer

new blog name, the Tasteful Traveler

Even before I had a blog, while on the cruise lecturing circuit, I was introduced as the “tasteful traveler.” It was a play on words to connote that I not only traveled and tasted food around the world, but I did it with aplomb and style. And I liked that. The Tasteful Traveler suited me: I travel for food-related experiences, but not with a backpack. I don’t schlep my bags: I tip someone else to. I hire drivers because crowds and masses aren’t my thing. I don’t like being one of dozens or hundreds or thousands. My guest experience needs personal attention. I travel with style, and stay in places with style.

I don’t do basic, budget or ordinary… I do comfort, luxury or extraordinary.  And I always have — long before I became a writer. This is how I was raised, who I am, and what I insist on. I can’t change my leopard spots.

Introducing the New Blog Name:

I am the “Tasteful Traveler”

new blog name, Tasteful Traveler, Adobe Guadalupe door to terrace

I hope you like my new moniker. For those of you who have met in person, I think you’ll agree it’s a better fit. For those that don’t yet know me, my new blog name should give you a little more insight as to who I am and how I approach things. Soon you’ll see a new logo and header. Until then, I hope to complete the rebranding of my blog in a month. I sincerely hope you’ll stay with me, and continue to follow my life adventures experiencing food culture around the US, and around the world. I’m on a quest to Taste the World. Just with a new name…

So let’s go, shall we? Our table is waiting…


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